Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are survivors

PhotobucketOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and while that is a worthy cause, it is also Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month. Sadly, pregnancy & infant loss awareness is not as well known as the fight against breast cancer. But we can and will change that. I wanted to remind you that we are survivors too. Most parents wont ever know what we have to go through, but 1 in 4 women will. We have survived the loss of our daughters, our sons, the loss of more than one child... we have survived the loss of our own flesh. We may not be standing, we may not be strong, we may not know what to do or how to go on without our children... but we are still here and we are the voice of the future to make a change in this community. So today I remind you that we ARE survivors.


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