About Me

As a recent baby lost mama I have found many other baby lost parents who find great comfort in having their lost child(ren)'s name written for them in various ways.

I have dedicated this blog to those parents who have had pregnancy, infant or child loss(es). I am offering to write your child(ren)'s name for you and post it on this blog for you to use as you wish free of charge. If you wish to donate towards the purchase of chalk in your child(ren)'s name, please click the donate button to the right and include your child(ren)'s name in the notes. All donations will show on the "In Memory Of" page.

To read about my personal story and blog, visit In The Beginning There Was Genesis.

If you are visiting this site, I'm sorry we share the same loss. My heart aches for you. But I'm glad we are not alone and that others understand what we are going through. May the memory of our lost children never be forgotten. Wishing you peace and love.