To request a name & FAQ's

To request a name please send an email to: Please put 'Sidewalk Name Request' in the subject line. Please include your baby(ies)'s name(s), any note you would like me to include in the blog post and if you would like me to reference your own blog please indicate so. (please include the link to your blog if you want me to reference it in the post, not just the blog title) I am taking special requests for drawings such as butterflies and hearts or anything else you can think of. Know that I am not an artist and may not be able to meet all requests. At this time I am only doing first names. I typically use boy colors for boy names and girl colors for girl names. If your child has a unique name please let me know if they are a boy or girl. If gender isn't specified or if you never got to find out, I will use a mixture of colors.

How can I tell if you got my request?
I have added a Wait List to the right hand side of the blog. They are listed in the order received. The name at the top of the list is the next one to be done. If you don't see the name(s) you requested in the wait list after a few days please let me know.

Who can make a request?
Anyone can make a request. Its not just for parents. It can be family members or friends or anyone who wants to show support to a parent in grieving. It makes a very special gift and I guarantee if you are getting one for someone else it will brighten their day.

What if we never got to name our child?
I will be able to write "Baby {lastname}" if you had a loss where you were not able to name your child. Some also have requested to write "Angel" or another nickname. Those are fine as well.

Is there an age limit?
I am primarily doing this for people that have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss, since I myself am part of that group. I will except children up age 18 that have passed as well. I take your word that the name you are requesting is for a child that is no longer here. I hope that no one lies that their child has died and is of a certain age just to get a name written. Should that happen, well, then its on their conscience. 

How will I get my photo?
I will try and email you a copy of the photo though this may not be possible in every case so please check the blog for updates as I will always post your child(ren)'s name(s). (You can type your child(ren)'s name in the search box under the 'about me' section to find your photo quickly) I write the names in the order received and based on the number of requests there may be a long wait time. To check where you are in waiting please see the wait list on the right hand side. And please indicate in the subject field "Sidewalk Name Request Follow Up". If you are donating to have a name written without the watermark, I will always email you the photo.

Can you upload the photo to your facebook page and tag me?
Unfortunately at this time I am not able to post them on the facebook page. This literally doubles my work. I do however post the link to each blog post on the facebook page so you can easily click the link and find your photo that way if you don't follow my blog.

Is there a cost?
I do this free of charge for bereaved families and you may use them as you wish. (please do not edit the photo to remove the watermark) If you would like a photo without a watermark or if you would like a custom photo with another phrase or saying, you can make a $5 (USD) donation (per name/phrase) and I will gladly remove the watermark and email you your photos. (all donations go towards the purchase of sidewalk chalk and to fund memory boxes for bereaved parents) The photos are a high resolution .Jpeg that are able to be blown up and framed if you wish.

If you plan on requesting a photo without a watermark or if you are requesting a custom photo, please make your donation(s) first and indicate on your request that you want an unmarked/custom photo and that you have made your donation. Also please indicate what you would like your drawing to say. Donations can be made after the name has been done but know that there may be another wait to have the watermark removed at a later time. If you are requesting it to be done at a later time, please indicate the date your photo was posted to the blog so that I can find your photo faster.

If you are requesting to purchase a photo I have taken prior to 12/5/2010 please know I will have to re-write your child(ren)'s name since those photos were not taken with my new camera. So there will be differences from the original.

If you have made anything out of your photo I would love it if you would share it with me. It brings a smile to my face.

Can I make a donation without buying a photo?
Absolutely! Donations of any amount are much appreciated. You can make any donation amount on the right hand side using the "Donation" button. All donations are used to purchase sidewalk chalk so that I can continue to be able to reach families in mourning and offer them my humble gift. Donations are also used to fund the purchase of memory boxes for bereaved families.

Can I make a donation in memory of someone ele's child?
Absolutely! All donations {even those made to purchase a photo} will add a child's name to the Memory Wall.

How can I see a better photo of my child(ren)'s name?
Because of the blog design/layout, the posts are a bit translucent. That includes the photos. To see the way your photo actually came out, simply click on the photo.

What are Special Offers?
Special offers are only offered through the facebook fan page at this time. To make a request you must leave a comment on the photo you wish to request. Please indicate the email address you want me to send it to or indicate that you want me to message it to you through facebook. All photos have a Names On The Sidewalk watermark on them. To have them removed, I ask that you make a $5 donation through the blog. A lot of work goes into making the special offers. A $5 donation will not only remove the watermark but also add a child's name to the Memory Wall. At this time I am offering 2 special offers, the Glowing Names and the Name in Laces. The glowing name will be emailed to you as a high resolution jpeg that can be blown up. The name in laces is currently not available as a high resolution jpeg. Also, I may not be able to do all names requested for the name in laces offer. It depends on the length of the name and the difficulty in writting it. I will however try my best to do every name. If you are not on facebook and would like to make a request for a special offer you can email your request. Please know that I will not be able to email you the photos unless you choose to donate towards an unmarked photo. You can copy the marked photo off of the **Pick Ups** album on the facebook fan page. It's a public page so you can see it even if you dont have a facebook account.