Saturday, December 18, 2010


You did it! We have hit 100 followers! I can't thank you enough for your support! As promised I am going to have a giveaway to start the new year. Here is another little proposition for you all. If we can surpass 100 followers, I will up the ante of the giveaway. The more followers we get over 100, the better the giveaway will get. Im planning on posting the giveaway on 1/1/2011 so you have till the end of the year to get as many people following as possible. Good luck!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Tristan & His Sibling

Ariana & Soraya



So very touching

I logged onto facebook today and updated our facebook page and to my surprise I had been tagged in a photo. This photo was posted by Chick Soup For The Angel Mommy And Daddy's Soul and here is the photo:
I cant tell you how much I love this! I really appreciate this! I need reminders every now and then to remind me that I am making a difference in the BLM community one family at a time. Thank you so much to Chick Soup For The Angel Mommy And Daddy's Soul for sharing this touching photo with me!

And for those of you interested in what this group does, it's basically a place for BLMs & BLDs to share their stories of encouragement. To share what things have helped them, what miracles they have witnessed and to share any inspirational stories, quotes, photos or really just anything having to do with your babies. Their mission is to pay it forward. They are creating unity and recognition to the community of BabyLost parents. And by helping other families out there, they hope to lessen the pain for others and at the same time remember their children by keeping their memories alive. If you are on facebook, be sure to 'Like' this page.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Chance & Bug


Our son Jacob Dylan was born September 19, 2010.  We love him and miss him so much.  We carry him in our hearts everyday.  You will be forever loved and always remembered, Baby Jacob.  
Mommy and Daddy love you <3 


Aidan Donan Guilfoyle was born still at 32 weeks on August 1, 2010.  

"Loved with a love beyond telling, missed with a grief beyond all tears."

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Angel, Jessie & Peyton

Gone from my arms, but never from my heart.




Saturday, December 11, 2010


Joshua & Isaiah

Baby Logue




I think someone is messing with me

I wanted to share that both yesterday and today, as I was writing names I had a little wasp land on my left shoulder.  Of course my first reaction was to swat it off. Luckily I didnt get stung but I couldn't help but think that one of your babies was playing a trick on me ;) Anyone associate bees or wasps with their little one? I think they sent me a wink to tell you they said "hi". <3

Friday, December 10, 2010

Faith & Gerald



Our little princess. We miss you everyday.


Brendan Christopher
May 22, 2009

Hayden & Garrett






Thank you for your support!

We are at 93 followers! Wow!! I like to post a challenge for you all. Help spread the word about Names On The Sidewalk and lets try to get to 100 followers before the end of the year. If we make it, I will have a very special giveaway to start 2011. And trust me, you will totally want what I have to giveaway. So on your mark, get set, GO!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Jack & Oliver



Karissa Marie

Karissa Marie Our Snow White and forever Mommy's princess. We  love you.


Ryan Elizabeth



Wyatt Daniel, Ethan Daniel, Chandler, Kendall & Mary Lynn

Wyatt Daniel  8/8/2010-8/21/2010
Ethan Daniel  1/24/05 
Chandler  2004 
Kendall  1998
Mary Lynn  12/94

Jonah Everette

Isabella Serenity

Sunday, December 5, 2010

So how do we look?

As you can see we have had a makeover! Ive been wanting one for a while now and thanks to Franchesca at Small Bird Studio, my dream has become a reality. I wanted to make this a beautiful place for us to remember our children and to incorporate what I do for our babies.

With the makeover comes a few changes. I am happy to announce that I recently received a new camera and the photos are just amazing! Here is an example of how your names will come out:

(because of the blog layout photos here are a bit transparent. To see a true image click the photo)
I am still writing names free of charge but you are also able to donate to purchase a high resolution .jpeg of your photo if you would like to blow it up and frame it. (purchased photos will not have watermark) Because of the number of requests that are coming through I am now limited to only writing first names. If you would like anything other than a first name, you can make a special request following the instructions in the 'Make A Request & FAQ's' tab. You can find many of the answers to your questions there as well. Should you have any other questions feel free to leave me a comment.

I now have an 'In Memory Of' tab. This tab is for those that have made donations and the names of the child(ren) the donation has been made in memory of. Again, thank you to all of you that have donated to such a worthy cause. All donations are used to purchase sidewalk chalk so that I may give my humble gift to other families in pain. Any and all donations are appreciated, there is no such thing as too small. If you would like to make a donation in your child(ren)'s name, you can find the 'Donate' button to the right and indicate in the notes section who you are donating in memory of. I will add you and your precious child(ren) to the list.

I hope you like the new look as much as I do. As always, I send you all my love.

P.s. Those of you that requested a name that is still in waiting, I will go ahead and write a middle name if you requested it at that time.