Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Babylost Conversation

I follow a lot of other blogs of parents that have lost children for support, as most of us do, and one babylost mama made a video of the ridiculously rude and insensitive things people say after you have lost a child(ren). I know at first thought it doesnt seem like something you would want to see, something that would make you grind your teeth and make you want to punch the person saying these things, but trust me... you wont feel that when you see this. I just had to share this and hopefully it made you smile. Perhaps we can share it to others who have not had a loss to educate them as to what NOT to say. Anyway, here you go: (btw you may want any young ones around you to leave the room as there is one curse word, just giving you a heads up)


lis said...

omg how sad and true and sad and perfectly true

im reposting

Dana said...

This actually made me laugh at the "baby angel army". Good answer to "God needed another angel"

belle said...

hmmm, yeah. that's about right... only, she forgot to include, "maybe she died because you're a bad mother to the ones you've got." and "you can't really count her as your child because she didn't really live here."

Leslie said...

Sad thing is.. I've heard ALL of that.

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