Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A bit behind

Hi everyone! Just wanted to do a quick post with a little update. Sorry for the delay in posting names. I have been extremely busy and not to mention I was very ill last week. I am happy to report I am better now but with summer in full effect it's very difficult to be out on the pavement burning my knees as I write names. As a result I am writing fewer bunches of names at a time. I thank you again for your continued patience and I will get to those names on the wait list. Also if you donated to get a high resolution jpeg and you have not received it as of yet, please let me know. I thought I was caught up and it seems that perhaps my email ate a few confirmation receipts. So for that I apologize. Please email me if I did miss you and I will email them to you promptly. Thanks again for your patience. Sending much love to you all.


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