Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last day for name requests

Hello everybody! I wanted to be able to take name requests through the end of the month but it seems my body disagrees with me. I find it incredibly difficult to get down to write the names. Everyday is more and more painful, so today will be the last day for new name requests. I will finish writting the names that have been requested up till today.

Feel free to continue to send requests via email but know that they will not be started until I get back from my disability leave.

(Just a reminder, if you would like to request a name/names please follow the instructions at the top of this blog. Its easier to keep track of requests that way. Thanks!)


lis said...

did i miss it? crap :o(

La Cubanita said...

Lis- no you didn't miss it. I should have mentioned I'm in Los Angeles so it's PST. Requests are open for about another 6 hours from now. Send your request via email. If you miss this window don't worry I will be back to do many more names when I return from leave.

Franchesca Cox said...

hope you get to feeling better! xx

La Cubanita said...

Thank you Franchesca!

belle said...

take care of yourself!!!!!

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