Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

As mentioned on my 'What This Blog is About' section, this blog is dedicated to parents that have lost a child at any stage of life. Weather it be a pregnancy loss, infant or child loss. I am honored that I will have the opportunity to write your dear child's(ren) name for you and help their memory live on.

What inspired me to do this for parents dealing with the loss of a child is losing my first child, a daughter, named Genesis. She was diagnosed with Anencephaly and was stillborn at about 21 weeks gestation. I had no idea how badly I wanted children till my only one was taken away from me. She forever changed my life. I have had many other parents write my baby's name for me and I cant tell you the comfort it has brought me. I hope I can bring you some comfort as well. (To the right you will see the buttons to other blogs that also write children's names for baby lost parents)

So in honor of my daughter the first name will be hers. (I think it's fitting since today is her birthday. She would have been 3.)

Name requests are now open!

Please follow my blog and add my button to your blog to spread the news to other bereaved parents the gift Im offering to them.


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